A year's reflection of running a Creative Capital Studio

Listen to Chris Bradshaw and Monshur Ali, Founders of WeAgile Ltd, having a raw and open discussion about the ups and down's of building a successful, remote-first, creative studio and the challenges they have faced during COVID-19 Lockdown.


Mental fitness & empowerment

We all know the importance of physical fitness in keeping us healthy and vibrant throughout our lives. What you may not know is that mental fitness is equally important. In fact, the two are intertwined. Neglecting your mental health can make you less resilient to life’s ups and downs, leaving you more likely to make poor lifestyle choices.

If you're a creative and you're working in an environment for a company that's pushing you too hard, that's not giving you enough time to be creative - go find another company. If you're badass at what you do, people will hire you!

Jana DowlingCEO - Arkeo
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