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We’re re-defining design sprints to make them more accommodating to teams around the globe.

WeAgile can really help clients when they are unsure how to progress, when they need to streamline their efforts or when they need to prioritise and focus on what really matters.

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Help you solve BIG problems and test ideas…!


Reduced costs from £2,500 + VAT to £1,250 +VAT

What We Did

Enable offline workshops to become online solution finding workshops

What is a design sprint:

A design sprint is a tried and true methodology for solving big problems through designing, prototyping, and user research and testing.
The design sprint methodology was developed at Google out of a need to build UX culture and design leadership across the organisation. The core methodology is inspired by thinking and processes from traditional UX practice and psychology. The modern framework is flexible so that teams in any organisation can adapt it to meet their specific needs.

“By running a design sprint you either win or you learn”

WeAgile Virtual Design Sprint:

Our virtual design sprint offers a proven approach to solve big problems. It’s a chance to learn about your idea faster before going into design and development over a 1 day workshop with a team of up to 4.
The WeAgile design sprint is not just doing design quicker. It is to unpack a problem space and come up with as many possible solutions and testing them.
You will not only learn but fully apply the original Design Sprint techniques to solve your challenges from day one. And to do it in a way that’s motivating, fun, and efficient.

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