The Vision

Transacting creativity through financial and equity-based deals in return for industry-leading multi-disciplined teams who are all fairly incentivised by our flexible, lean and transparent partnership model. We call this Creative Capital, which is a new model that blends the creative studio and venture capital firm models.

WeAgile invests creative capital (industry-leading creative expertise) to early-stage technology companies or rapidly growing organisations rather than venture capital (money). It’s the creative evolution of the equity-for-services model.

Our creatives are based globally to provide the right people in the right place and include designers, engineers, marketers, coaches, project managers and commercial experts. They collectively create meaningful customer-centric digital products and solutions completely bespoke to any challenge whilst improving our client’s in-house teams through coaching and recruiting the right creative talent.

Creative capital is an open-source model for the creative industry to publicly redefine the terms of business between the buyers and sellers of creativity to standardise a path for everyone to share in the wealth the work creates.

The Challenge

Digital spend is on the increase across all industries in response to increasingly complex customer demands and expectations. We are seeing large brands fall into administration who have failed to evolve fast enough to change, whilst traditional business and agency models attempting to address this are still anchored to fixed teams, fixed commercials and slow processes.

Organisations struggle to find great creative talent or do not have the right conditions to retain them. The creatives hired to work for these businesses or agencies are rarely remunerated fairly against the value they create and time invested which produces high staff turnover, loss of knowledge, increases risk of project over spend, deadlines missed and declining trust between internal and external parties.

The core of the issue stems from a misalignment of incentives, ownership and lack of transparency between the people producing the work and those that create the commercial deals for the work.  An alternative way of working must be created to solve this.

Could you confidently say that your business has added value consistently to your team or customers?

The Response

Experienced specialists and seasoned professionals united through strategy and commercial transparency, working in true partnerships with our clients and fully aligned incentives through using Creative Capital to produce great work together.

Working in-house or externally. Diverse thinking. Honest working. No legacy commercial models. Incredible outputs. Happy clients. Happy people…….Real partnerships.

Our creative network is made up of  numbers people, artistic people, logical people, business people and people people. Thinkers, disruptors, doers, and people that care about the impact the work creates, not how much time is sold.

Whilst travelling through any challenge together we explore possibilities, research it, validate it and most importantly align every person involved in an agreed plan.  We then execute the strategy, pass it through our creative network to inject the experience of the many to fine-tune a solution that enables our creatives to meaningfully deliver on any mission, de-risk initiatives, provide a competitive advantage for our client whilst reducing time to market or creating new products in stealth mode.

Would you use your own services on your own company with your own money?  If the answer is no to any, have you considered why?

Agile Manifesto


Working technology over comprehensive documentation


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation


Responding to change over following a plan


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Our Values


No games, be real, be human.


Together is better.


For our clients and ourselves.


Anything is possible.


Share successes and failures.

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